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Why us?  What makes us different from all the others?  Our vision is clear.  Our foundation is built on rock solid old-fashioned principles, delivering you high-value world class services and solutions is our main focus and central to everything we do.  We believe profits come to us as a by-product of doing the right things for our satisfied clients!


Because we care more, work harder, and bring you over 30 years of successful electronics and computer real world experiences as our foundation, with over 18 years providing and supporting business and government computer systems.


Bringing you a new era in computer services and solutions for your mission critical business or government agency.  We will get and keep your computer systems On-Track-Now!


It has been our experience that most businesses or government agencies do not truly understand what is required (nor should have to), or the most important ones for those on a tight budget, to properly manage and maintain their computer systems, and are prime candidates for a computer related disaster.  Most of you would never think of playing Russian Roulette, yet many are with their computer systems.  When you suffer a computer disaster and you're very lucky, you might only suffer from excessive down time, if you're unlucky, you could loose valuable data and files, that you've taken years to collect. What price tag can you place on any computer system disaster in your agency or business?  Even those who think they are taking the right steps and supporting their systems properly, are vulnerable.  OnTracNow can give you the peace on mind knowing your systems are in good hands.


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"A company exists to provide goods and services which help improve the standard of living of mankind."
- Walter Deming (http://www.deming.org)


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